Should you book two wedding photographers?

I’ve been a wedding photographer for several years now and honestly – I can’t imagine myself doing anything else. With every single wedding I photograph, I strive to get better. But still, despite my best efforts, I haven’t managed to figure out how to be in two places at once. So the cliff notes version of this post is simple: while you might not need two wedding photographers to capture your wedding day, there are definitely advantages to booking a wedding photography package that includes a second shooter. I’m going to share those today!

In case you are new here, let me just extend a giant welcome! You’ve probably figured out that I’m Brittany and I’m a wedding photographer. I love photographing Detroit weddings, dressing up my son Kingsley as Harry Potter, and binge-watching Friends reruns. If you are looking for more wedding planning tips, make sure to read my journal here. If you are looking for a photographer you can connect with on a personal level (to capture your timeless and candid wedding day moments), connect with me directly here (and let’s save your date already!).

bride and groom pose for Detroit wedding photographer

Wedding Photography Packages with Two Wedding Photographers

Before I share three of my favorite moments for two wedding photographers below, I wanted to add a quick disclaimer. When I talk about two wedding photographers here, I am not suggesting you find two companies you love. Not at all. Instead, I’m talking about hiring one photographer, and adding a second photographer to your wedding photography package (if not already included).

Most of us will have in our contracts that if you hire us, we want to be the only photography company there. It sounds crazy, but only one person can stand in “the best spot for the photo”, and you don’t want two professionals competing and getting in each other’s way! Even though the second photographer won’t necessarily have “the best spot”, there is still so much value in having someone capture your moments from alternative angles.

bride starts to walk down the aisle

back of bride as she walks down the aisle

A little extra tip? Ask your wedding photographer how they choose their second shooters. Make sure they aren’t willing to bring just “anyone”. Your second photographer has an important role and you’ll want to make sure they are hiring another professional!

Okay, I will hop off my soapbox now. Below are three of the MOST important moments to have two wedding photographers capture!

large wedding party photos

First, Your Getting Ready Wedding Photos

Remember when I said I couldn’t be in two places at once? Getting ready photos are a perfect example of why I wish I could be. When you have one photographer, they can usually only capture one of you getting ready. If they do capture getting-ready wedding photos for both of you, they are often rushed. I love to spend time capturing details during this time, and I don’t want to rush through that!

closeup of wedding ring and veil getting ready photos with bride

With two wedding photographers in your package, often one photographer will capture you and your wedding party, and the other wedding photographer will head to the second getting-ready location!

grooms mother putting on boutonniere groom poses with his dogs

Second, Your First Look Wedding Photos

I don’t have a lot to say about this one – but a picture is worth a thousand words. Just like your getting ready photos, I can’t be in two places. A first look happens quickly. I can’t capture both of your reactions – even though I want to! When we have two wedding photographers, I can capture the look on your face while my second shooter captures the look on your partner when they see you!

bride looks at groom during first look wedding photos\groom reaction during first look

Bonus: Your First Kiss From Different Angles

Although not technically one of my three *top* moments, I couldn’t help but share it here. Although you don’t technically need two wedding photographers to capture your first look (there is only one “best” spot), I always love to capture your first kiss from a more creative angle!

first kiss wedding photos

a different angle of your first kiss as an example of why to hire two wedding photographers

Lastly, Your Wedding Portraits!

I’m not talking about photos of the two of you (I can handle that!) but when we bring in extra large wedding parties and extended families, it helps to have a second wedding photographer in your corner. While I always ask couples to have someone help me round up the people for each shot, a second shooter helps instruct families on posing and helps to capture different angles. While it is definitely not a necessity to have two wedding photographers here, it makes the process go a lot faster (and let’s be honest – I will make it fun but this won’t be the best part of your wedding day!).

wedding party photos

Did any of these surprise you? Did you already know you wanted two wedding photographers before you read this? I am always happy to clear up misconceptions and provide candid advice so if you have any questions throughout the wedding planning process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can send me a DM on Instagram or contact me here. For more information about my wedding photography packages (and the Brittany Allen experience!), click here!


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