A lot of about me sections start off by saying how they always wanted to be a photographer growing up. Well, not me! I didn't know this is what I wanted to do until I did it. I was always told I should do something safe and practical. I tried to go that route, but nothing made my heart sing. I have always had a zest for anything creative growing up. As a 10 year old I used to make clothing sketches and asked for a sewing kit. I loved painting (even though I wasn't very good). Even now I can't get enough of architecture and home decor/design. I am always thinking of the next big project I can build for my home.  I have always been one to appreciate the beauty of the small moments within the big ones. The smell of the crisp cool breeze in the fall to the song of the birds in the early morning. Finding beauty in anything makes my heart sing. I picked up a camera and realized I could capture those beautiful moments.

I am a wedding photographer  

for the classic & joyful bride


These are pictures of my wedding day (September 9th 2017). I'm married to my husband, Wade! We live in Metro Detroit, MI with our 1 year old son Kingsley and two adorable fur babies Luna and Nova. We met online, but quickly fell for each other. For our first date he insisted on coming to watch my soccer game then after we went to Coney Island for dinner (soccer clothes and hair still in a pony and all). Later I found out that he said no to a Pistons game just to see me (he is obsessed with basketball, so this was a big deal). 

I was lucky enough to be born into an enormous tight knit (and obnoxiously loud) extended family that I love. Our son Kingsley is my whole world and I can't wait to see him grow up. I have two sisters and two nieces that I adore. I love that my son will have built in best friends in his cousins.

Family, marriage, and love are some of the most important things to me. I feel so honored I get to capture one of the most important days of people's lives surrounded by all the people who cherish and love them!

let me capture your love story



My story

My story

Meet my little 

Meet my little 


The sports lover, video gamer player, joke teller, my best friend

The ninja escape artist, food lover, chill cuddle bug, destroyer of all things

The crazy eyed, freckle faced, tail wagger, jealous attention hog, belly rub lover

The dreamer, book reader, photographer,  soccer player, lover of candy

Our chubby cheek cute as a button one year old, loves food, jumping, and dancing






JUST A FEW facts




I have a serious obsession with books. My To Be Read pile is bigger than my Read pile.

"My love for books"

I love exploring new places and cultures. If I could get paid to travel I would never come home. 

"Exploring new places"

I love trying new recipes in the kitchen. Only sweet treats though, I have no idea how to cook actual food.

"Sweet treats only"

I am positive I am a wizard and my Hogwarts letter got lost in the mail. 

"Harry Potter Fan"

If the only thing I was left with was a soccer ball, I’d be perfectly content. There is nothing like the peace I feel on the field. 

"A quiet place"

I am made up of 70% Mac N Cheese and 30% candy (Preferably sour patch kids).

"Mac & Cheese"

I couldn’t wait to own my own home so I could use Pinterest to its fullest potential. 

"Pin all the things"

I love to sing; in the car, in the shower, but usually in my living room while dancing to some Taylor Swift.  

"Taylor Swift"

I spend most of my time outside, but nothing beats curling up with a warm blanket, some hot cocoa, and binging Netflix for 10 hours straight.  

"Binge watching Netflix"

I love shooting details on wedding days, it’s the little things that make my heart skip a beat.  

"It's the little things"