Top 6 Critical Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Stop asking your wedding photographer what camera they use because lets be honest – you don’t care! I know, I know, you are “supposed to” ask. I can always tell when couples are reading a list of “questions to ask your wedding photographer” and don’t worry – I won’t hold it against you (I actually love answering questions during consultations!). But today, to save you a little time (because let’s be honest – some online lists are lengthy!), I’ve gathered 6 absolutely critical questions that I think more couples should ask their wedding photographers before they book! And more importantly, why these questions matter.

Before I start, a quick hello and welcome to my corner of the internet! I’m Brittany, and you can learn a little more about working with me (a local metro Detroit wedding photographer) over here. If you want to drool over some of the most incredible couples on their wedding days, you can also head to my portfolio or blog (there is no shortage of inspiration over here!). If you are the kind of couple that prefers conversation over scouring the internet for more and more information, you’re also in the right place. You can set up a call with me anytime here.

Alright, now let’s dive into what you came here for!

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Can you share a few (or a lot of!) full galleries?

In real life, we know that people share the highlight reel on Instagram right? This is one question on popular “questions to ask your wedding photographer” lists that I completely agree with. We all have our absolute favorite photos – where the lighting was right, the couple was madly in love, and the venue had the reception set up with plenty of time to spare so we could take photos without a feeling of panic. But the reality is, the reason you hire a professional wedding photographer is that most wedding days are not like that during every minute of the entire day.

Instead, you will need to plan your wedding photos in bright daylight, employ a backup plan in the rain, and spend more time fixing your hair between photos than you realized. It’s OK. Trust me, after this long, I can work with anything! But this is why it’s so important to see a full gallery (or ten). Watch how your wedding photographer tells the story of a wedding day, and make sure you love their work consistently from the first getting ready photo to the dance party at the end.

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Have you shot at venues like mine?

At this point in my career, I’ve shot many beautiful wedding days. Although it might be tempting to ask your wedding photographer if they have ever worked at your wedding venue before (and you certainly can ask that!), I think a better question would be to ask if they’ve worked in venues like yours, or what styles of venues they prefer. If you are getting married in a venue with low lighting, but you prefer natural light photos, ask them if they’ve had experience in a situation like that before! Getting married outdoors at noon when the sky is the harshest? Ask them that!

You might not *know* what kind of lighting your venue has (and don’t worry – that’s normal!), but asking your wedding photographer about the kind of venues they’ve worked in (and loved) is a great place to start a conversation.

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What is the booking process like?

And more importantly – what happens after you book? You’ll want to ask this key logistical question first (which will likely be some version of a contract and an invoice), but don’t be afraid to ask further questions about the process. What happens after you save the date? Do they help you with your wedding timeline? Do they remain hands-on throughout the process or do they reach out two weeks before your wedding day to finalize everything?

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How many hours do I need to book?

Ideally, your wedding photographer won’t make you choose a pre-set package with a number of hours. Personally, I always love diving into the details with my couples to learn what they have planned for their wedding day. Each wedding day is unique, as are my recommendations! I also remain flexible. If your original timeline sounded like you would need about eight hours of coverage, but closer to your wedding date it seems like you could benefit from extra time, I’ll be transparent with you.

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We look awkward in photos (or insert any other concern you have here)! What can you do to help?

If you are worried about looking awkward in your wedding photos, let me just get this out of the way. EVERYONE is worried about looking awkward in wedding photos. Unless you frequently stand in front of a camera getting your picture taken, it can be kind of an awkward experience. A professional wedding photographer likely has a few tricks up their sleeve to get you feeling a little more confident in front of the camera (or at least distract you enough that you don’t stare into the lens with a “deer in headlights” vibe).

A little tip? Consultations can feel a little awkward too! Make sure to book a wedding photographer that feels like your best friend (or at least someone you can relax around!). Your wedding photographer may also have some recommendations (like booking engagement photos before your wedding day!). Be upfront, and expect the same from your wedding photographer!

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What edits do you generally make?

This is a loaded question so hear me out. Hopefully, when you are looking at hiring a wedding photographer, their portfolio is consistent enough that you know what you are getting. With me, you’ll know you are getting a fine art wedding style that’s a little on the “light and airy” side. I would hope if you look at my portfolio you would know you aren’t getting dark and moody!

When couples ask about edits, a lot of the information online will talk about editing software, processes, presets, and more. But they are missing what you really care about. Instead, ask how detailed their editing process is. Some photographers only do minor edits to keep things true to life. Some photographers may work “magic” in photoshop to the point where your wedding day is almost unrecognizable. It’s worth asking and deciding for yourself what’s right for you!

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Don’t Stress About Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer!

Ultimately, don’t be afraid to let the conversation flow with your wedding photographer. Unfortunately, during wedding planning a lot of the information online can be overwhelming and take a lot of joy out of the process. I would love nothing more than to make this process a little more enjoyable for you! If you think I might be the right fit for you, I would love to connect here. I’m based in Detroit but absolutely travel! In the meantime, make sure to say hi over on Instagram (or DM me any burning questions!).

You’ll notice I didn’t mention the price! If you are curious about my thoughts, here are 4 questions to ask yourself when comparing wedding photography pricing! The average investment of a Brittany Allen bride is $5400, although all packages are subject to quote to ensure you get exactly what you need. 


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