3 Ways to Guarantee You Love Your Wedding Photos

As a Detroit wedding photographer, it goes without saying that I want you to love your wedding photos (I hope that’s obvious!). While I will forever reassure you that the only thing you really need to do on your wedding day is show up, I know that some of my couples appreciate a little extra preparation. If that’s you, don’t worry. Today’s post will give you 3 ways to guarantee you love your wedding photos, but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can always send me a DM on Instagram or head straight to my contact form here.

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1. Book Engagement Photos with Your Wedding Photographer

It seems obvious, but your engagement photos are about so much more than getting that perfect photo for your ‘save the dates’ (although I hope you use them for that too!). Often, engagement photos are the perfect ‘trial run’ for your wedding day. Use them to practice getting comfortable in front of the camera and to try out poses you may have found on Pinterest that you love.

couple posing for Detroit engagement photos couple posing for Detroit engagement photographer

It’s okay if posing doesn’t come naturally to you! Although I pride myself on making couples feel comfortable, if you are feeling anxious about your wedding photos then it doesn’t hurt to practice a little before the day. Even if you don’t plan on “using” your engagement photos for anything, you definitely don’t want to skip this step!

bride and groom pose on staircase of Detroit wedding venue

If you are looking for engagement photo ideas, I have a ton right here. After wedding days, engagement photos are my favorite!

2. Do a Little Extra Planning before your Wedding Day to Eliminate Stress

Want to know what ruins wedding day photos more than anything else? STRESS. That’s why I always work with my couples to create a timeline that gives us a little buffer room, and I will ask you for your list of must-have wedding photos well before the day. Trying to remember things on your wedding day won’t end well. Although it can feel like you hire your wedding photographer to “just” show up on your wedding day and start snapping photos, the reality is a little bit different. In order to guarantee great wedding photos, proper planning ahead of time makes all the difference.

(this isn’t something you should do on your own, by the way. You should do this WITH your wedding photographer!).

bride and groom take outdoor wedding photos

3. Hire a Wedding Photographer you TRUST.

I might be a little biased on this one but hear me out. I know that wedding photography is an investment. When you are choosing who to hire for your wedding day, there are a million factors. Price is just one. When you look for your wedding photographer, the most obvious thing to consider is whether or not you like their work.

The second thing to consider is whether your personalities are a good fit. You want someone you will feel comfortable with on your wedding day. After all, unlike other vendors (like your caterer for instance!), your wedding photographer is someone you are going to spend the ENTIRE day with. Make sure it’s someone you won’t mind stalking you on the best day of your life (kidding!).

bride and groom share private dance

Lastly, once you like the photos in their portfolio and your personalities are a fit, make sure that they are professional and experienced enough that you feel comfortable trusting them. Personality is important, but it’s not as important as knowing when to switch lenses, feeling confident directing your family through poses, or knowing where to stand to get the best “first kiss” photo during the ceremony.

first kiss during wedding ceremony

Interested in hearing more of my thoughts on budgeting for a wedding photographer? Head to this post about wedding photography pricing.

Excited to love your wedding photos?

I hope so! Most of the couples I work with, rank wedding photography as one of their top priorities. At the end of your wedding day, you really only leave with your memories and a lot photos. I want to make sure that you LOVE your wedding photos. If you are looking for a Detroit wedding photographer with a light and airy style, I would love to hear from you. The easiest way to connect is through my contact form but if you need a little extra inspiration, make sure to head over to my portfolio of gorgeous Detroit weddings here.

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