Wildflower Stony Creek Metropark Engagement

Trying to find a time to schedule your engagement session can seem like a big task. You have to make sure everyone involved has the date open. Taking off work isn’t always an option. Then there are the outfits. How do you coordinate with out being too matchy? How dressed up is too dressed up? (P.S. you can never be too dressed up) Then you’ve got hair and makeup and getting your man to be excited about going. Then there is the location. On top of all of that you worry about the weather. We all want that dreamy glowy sunset that we’ve pinned a thousand times and drool over on Pinterest.

Maddy and Kade went through all of that. They followed my Engagement Session Style Guide you get when you book! Their outfits were perfect! Maddy’s hair was super adorable and she looked gorgeous! Kade was totally on board and had a great attitude. They wanted a location with nature as the main back drop and Stony Creek Metropark was the perfect spot to deliver the look they were going for. Almost everything was perfect. Then the forecast called for rain, the one thing you hope doesn’t come. We had to reschedule. We ended up moving the session to a week later and we couldn’t have asked for better weather. It was literally perfect, just like these two 🙂

When scheduling your engagement session make sure to book it far enough in advance that if we do have to reschedule due to rain or some other reason, we aren’t cutting it too close to your wedding.

Anyway, Maddy and Kade you two were a dream to work with and I couldn’t have asked for better clients. You are super adorable and I can’t wait to shoot your wedding in July! You guys were amazing! 🙂



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