My Favorite Wedding Color Palettes for 2023

When it comes to drooling over wedding color palettes for 2023… it’s me, hi. I’m the problem, it’s me. I can’t get enough. Honestly, I have loved chatting with my couples and seeing what they have planned for their wedding decor in 2023, and today I’m sharing a few of my favorites with you! If you are in the early stages of wedding planning (congratulations btw!), today’s post is DEFINITELY for you. We have a mix of classic and ultra-modern color palettes for you to be inspired by today.

Did I forget to introduce myself? I’m Brittany, a fellow Swiftie and Detroit wedding photographer. If you are looking for light and airy wedding photos (with a fine art touch!), I would love to chat and learn more about your day. Inquire about your wedding date here, peruse my portfolio of real Michigan weddings here, or learn more about working together here. The choice is yours. Once you’ve made your decision, make sure to find me on IG so we can stay in touch.

Okay – back to my favorite wedding color palettes for 2023

natural fall wedding colors

Natural Neutrals

Natural Neutrals will continue to be popular for wedding color palettes for 2023! I cant definitely get behind the rustic accents and wooden signage, especially when paired with a chandelier and luxe tablecloths like in the photos below! The nice thing about a neutral color palette is that it can really bring out the beauty in your wedding venue – which is especially nice when your wedding venue often eats up a large portion of your budget! Another bonus? Neutrals will remain timeless in your wedding photos.

beige wedding colors 2023 rustic barn wedding venue in Michigan wooden signager at wedding

Pretty Pastels

As a light and airy wedding photographer, it probably comes as no surprise that I adore pastel wedding color palettes for 2023. Whether you choose to pair blush white and greenery, or opt for a variety of pastels throughout your wedding reception decor, you really can’t go wrong with pastel hues. Especially if you have your eyes set on a spring or summer wedding in 2023!

pastel pink and white bouquet pastel wedding color palette 2023 pastel wedding reception decor with floral chandelier florals and greenery wedding centerpiece

Something Blue

Every wedding should have something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in her shoe, right? A blue wedding color palette is so classic and it’s very easy to incorporate into your groom and groomsmen style, bridesmaid dresses, or even your own wedding shoes! Its versatility makes it one of my favorite wedding colors to include in a wedding color palette (whether you are drawn to a formal navy, a pastel accent, or a dramatic splash of bold blue hues).

light blue tie for groom blue bridesmaid dresses groom in blue suit

Romantic Reds

When I was considering which wedding color palette for 2023 should make my favorites list I had to include this red rose wedding at Royal Park Hotel. You’ve probably picked up on the fact that I am in love with romantic wedding decor and honestly red roses at the center of your wedding color palette for 2023 is a classic and elegant choice you will NOT regret making!!

red roses in wedding bouquet elegant wedding reception decor wedding centerpieces with red roses red roses in wedding reception table decor

Peach is the new Blush

While we are talking about classics… blush has been a longtime wedding color staple and this year I see peach taking over when couples go to choose a lighter accent color. Although blush will always have a place in my heart, I have to admit I am loving this newer shade!

light blue wedding napkins peach blue baby breath wedding florals peach florals and custom vow books peach wedding ceremony flowers arch

Lavender Haze

What better way to show off your lavender haze than by getting married between shades of lavender? Honestly, this may have been one of my favorite wedding color palettes all season so you need to head here for more of their Royal Park Hotel wedding photos. Like peach above, lavender is another muted feminine tone to consider if you are looking for something a little different than the shades of pink that have been in style for so long. Honestly, from florals to bridesmaid dresses to bridal shoes to vintage goblets at your wedding reception, the options for infusing lavender are unlimited.

shades of lavender bridesmaid dresses lavender wedding invitaions lavender wedding shoes lavender wedding flowers in tall centerpieces romantic wedding reception decor

Choosing Wedding Color Palettes for 2023

Which one is your favorite? Or, do you feel like I’m missing something you are loving this year? I would love to chat more about your wedding day vision on Instagram. This blog is my favorite place to share inspiration, but I don’t want to stop the conversation here. For even MORE inspiration (and a glimpse into what I am loving lately), make sure to check out my Pinterest as well!


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