Sunset Matthaei Botanical Gardens Engagement

We ran into a bit of a problem when trying to schedule Angela and Alarik’s sunset Matthaei Botanical Gardens engagement session. Since it was October and the gardens aren’t exact in full bloom like they are in the summer months, the gardens closed at 4 pm! Not great when your session doesn’t start until 4:30. The two of them offered that we take pictures in and around the trails outside of the gardens instead. Works for me. The last engagement session I shot there we stayed inside the gardens the whole session.

As I was leaving that earlier session and the sun was still setting, the most ethereal golden light cascaded down through this open field filled with over grown grass, wildflowers, and tons of in FULL BLOOM cherry blossom trees! I wasn’t able to bring my couple back to the spot (I still cry on the inside), but I knew it was still a great location even in October without the cherry blossoms and wildflowers. PS: If any of my future brides want a session with cherry blossom trees, PLEASE bring me back to that spot at the gardens! I am dying to shoot there during that time and I WILL make it happen 🙂

We found this gorgeous spot by a lake that layered grass with trees with lake (layering is photographer speak lol). The sun was hitting them perfectly. Angela and Alarik probably thought I was crazy with all the oohing and ahhing I was doing behind the camera. Along with the occasional squeak of excitement! I seriously could have shot their whole session in that one spot. I finally forced myself to move from the magical spot and we made our way over to the field. While the trees had no flowers, it was still a beautiful spot!

They brought two outfits, one dressier and one more casual. Since it was only the middle of October mostly everything was still green. We happened to luck out in the fall tree department and there were 3 huge trees that had completely turned color all clustered together. I was again giddy with excitement when they changed into their warm fall weather outfits. They then proceeded to pull out adorable coffee mugs and a…wait for it…GUITAR! Guys, I was over the moon. It was so perfect for them! Music is an enormous part of both of their lives! I love when couples bring things to the session that are special to them. It makes it more you!

So we ended the session with some super romantic snuggly fall photos of them playing the guitar together and just enjoying each other’s company. It was the perfect way to end the night!


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