Sunrise Frankenmuth Engagement Session

Coffee! Lots and lots is what I needed to prepare for this session. Most days I don’t make it out of bed until around 10 am, unless I work up the motivation to make it to the gym, doesn’t happen often 🙂 I 100% applaud anyone who is willing to wake up at 5 am to shower, do hair, makeup and look like they didn’t just roll out of bed. My amazing bride, Chelsea did just that for this sunrise Frankenmuth engagement session! Not only did she do all of those things, she looked incredible! I don’t want to leave my groom, Brandon hanging. He cleaned up pretty well too, but girls you know we have so much more to do than just shower! Sunrise engagement sessions, although you’ll be running on coffee, are honestly some of my favorites to shoot. There is something so dreamy and peaceful about waking up before the world has! It’s so serene and quiet, they have this “dazzling haze” about them. Umm, Taylor Swift anyone, I had to throw that lyric in there 😉

This sunrise Frankenmuth engagement session was so personal to Chelsea and Brandon. Every location was something meaningful to the two of them. From the grand piano that they played together at 7am to the Cross park that showed their faith to the beautiful tree lined road ending in a beautiful bridge over a river. My favorite part had to have been the fact that Chelsea brought her grandmother’s vintage bike to the shoot and to top it off they filled the basket with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers! I’m pretty sure I might have squealed when I saw their props. Girls, don’t be afraid to bring props that are special to you! You want to have a picnic with a blanket, complete with a bottle of wine and a cute basket. DO IT! Are you both into reading, bring your favorite books along! I want your sessions to be unique to you and for you to have as much fun as possible!

Chelsea and Brandon, I had so much fun shooting your engagement session and I can’t wait for your wedding coming up real soon!


Here is a wedding I shot at St Lorenz Lutheran Church where we shot part of this session.


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