Summer Stony Creek Engagement

This summer Stony Creek engagement session was definitely a new one for me. It’s my first time shooting in three months due to COVID-19 and the stay at home order here in Michigan. I loved every minute of it! Being out of the house! Being out in nature! Being able to be outside photographing people again has been incredible! I love my husband, but being cooped up in the house with him all day long for sure weighs on your nerves! 🙂

So that takes me to the reason I was able to photograph this amazing summer Stony Creek engagement, Karen and Tyler! They were soo much fun to work with! Not many people know this about me, but I am obsessed with Australian Shepards. I have always wanted one. So you can imagine my excitement when they bring their two adorable puppies to the shoot and one is an Australian Shepard and the other is half!!!. Ugh, you just have to see the puppies below! I seriously can’t with how cute they are! Their handlers for the day (Karen’s dad and sister) were amazing too. Anyway, back to Karen and Tyler, the two of them were so much fun to work with it didn’t even feel like work. I was just so happy to be there!

I love how they incorporated their own personality into the shoot. They met at a bar Tyler used to work at. Karen used to go there regularly and would see him all the time, but he had a girlfriend. Once he wasn’t working there anymore and he no longer had a girlfriend they were finally able to pursue the spark. Anyway, because that bar meant so much to them they made a sign about it to take to their session for some photographs. They also told me they plan to have signature cocktails at their reception, because that bar was so important to their story. I love personal touches like that!



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