Starbucks Lovers Detroit Whiskey Factory Wedding

The title of today’s blog fits so perfectly with Katie and Jared. For those of you who don’t know it’s a reference to Taylor Swift. She has a lyric that says “got a long list of ex-lovers”. Obviously that has no place being in a wedding blog post, but stick with me here. That lyric is probably one of the most misheard lyrics ever! If you haven’t guessed it yet, EVERYONE thought she said “Starbucks lovers”. I couldn’t not use it seeing how she is my favorite singer and it fit soo well with our bride and grooms story.

The story of Katie and Jared is one of the cutest I have heard in a while. Most people love coffee, but these two turned that into something more. They met while working at the same Starbucks coffee shop. At first, it was just laughter and jokes and fun that developed into an amazing friendship. At some point over the next year or so that friendship grew into something more. Sneaking smiles at each other from across the shop, excitement to see the other person when they got in, seeking out time to chat with one another about more than just work. Neither is sure who asked who out, but isn’t that the best way, it means both really liked each other! Marrying your best friend always makes for a better and stronger marriage!

Katie and Jared your Detroit Whiskey Factory Wedding was so beautiful! I loved how you incorporated your story into the details. Your wedding cake being coffee themed was so personal. It’s touches like those on a wedding day that make my heart melt because they are completely and genuinely you! I hope you two have so much fun on this new adventure you have embarked on!



The Creative Team

Venue: The Whiskey Factory

Day of Coordinator: MI Honeybee Flowers

Floral Design: MI Honeybee Flowers

Cupcakes: Cupcake Station

Invitations: Shutterfly

DJ: Tomas Muzik LLC

Catering: Two Unique Catering


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