Romantic Belle Isle Engagement Session

Brittany and Daniel’s romantic Belle Isle engagement session was the perfect end to the weekend. We jumped all around the island capturing all the beauty it has to offer. Their wedding will be at the Belle Isle Casino later next year so it was super fun to get a taste of what their wedding day will be like!

Brittany and Daniel met back in the hallways of middle school. Back when everyone was trying to find the place where they fit in and first crushes were everything. Brittany was a cheerleader and Daniel’s first impression of her wasn’t the greatest. He was convinced she was just another dumb cheerleader. Soon he realized how wrong he was and they became best friends. Growing up there was always something between the two of them, but it wasn’t until a couple years out of school that they decided to give this thing a chance. It was summer where they finally fell in love, they are literally the definition of summer love! 🙂

It was only right that Daniel proposed right before the summer solstice. It was definitely a full circle moment for them. Brittany and Daniel, I had so much fun at your romantic Belle Isle engagement session and I can’t wait for your wedding next September!

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