Meeting House Grand Ballroom Wedding

The lights were low. He took her hand in his, and lead her to the crowded dance floor of the Meeting House Grand Ballroom. He pulled her in tight as the soft music started to play in the distance. They slowly started to sway to back and forth in rhythm to the tune. Her head on his shoulder. Minutes pass and couples slowly start to trickle off the dance floor. As more time passes the floor becomes even less crowded. They are oblivious to everyone else as they only have eyes for each other as they have had for many many years. The song comes to a close as they are the only two left on the dance floor.

They don’t stop dancing so the DJ continues the song. Their daughter Felicia, and their grand-daughter, the bride look on with tears welling up in their eyes. The amount of love radiating off these two dancing together was incredible to witness. I can definitely see where the love Lindsay has for Cale came from. She has such beautiful role models in her parents and grandparents. The two finally stop dancing to give a word of advice to the newly wed couple, Lindsay and Cale. Straight from Lindsay’s Grandmother’s mouth, “Fight as much as you want because it won’t make a difference anyway” The laughter from the crowd was heard throughout the venue with nodding heads of agreement from many of the married couples in the room.

Lindsay and Cale, where do I even begin, from the moment I met you, Lindsay, your infectious laughter and Cale, you’re laid back nature grabbed me…and never let go. It then continued onto your engagement session where your carefree attitude allowed us to change plans very quickly when our location didn’t work out. I’m so happy you trusted me to get beautiful photos in the small park we found. I want to tell the story of how you two met just because I think it is so adorable. Lindsay was working at Biggby Coffee at the time. Cale is a police officer and would come in for free coffee, but the real reason he would come in was so he could talk to the pretty barista behind the counter! Lindsay thought he was cute. Neither is sure who made the first move, but it all worked out in the end!


Venue: Meeting House Grand Ballroom

Cake: Sorella’s Custom Cakes

DJ: Rob Wlasuk with Sound Spectrum Entertainment 

Photobooth: Moxie Pix Photo Booth


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