Kingsley’s One Month Old

Where to start! There has been so much that has happened in the last month. Let’s just start off by saying I can’t believe Kingsley’s one month old already! Time has seriously flown by so fast.

For those that don’t know, my husband Wade and I were lucky enough to have the best Christmas present we could have ever asked for. Our first baby, Kingsley Gray Allen was born on Wednesday December 9th, 2020 at 4:31pm. He was 7lbs 8oz and 20.5in long. He has been the best thing that has happened to us, but he has not come without challenges, as raising any newborn would as first time parents.

Let’s start with all the fun amazing things! He has grown soo much in the past month. He has gained 4 whopping pounds already!!!! The internet says the average is 2 and he has already doubled that! He isn’t chubby just getting longer, he’s now 11lbs 1oz and 22in. He loves staring at you and sucking on his hands. He has an adorable head full of hair. I have never seen a baby with such an expressive face before, this kid has like 20 different expressions. He makes this stretching face that I love when he puckers his lips, squints his eyes, and raises his eyebrows. Another favorite is his big eyed expression. His eyes get massive, and he makes a kissy face while staring at you. There are so many more and they change in a matter of seconds! He loves sitting up and looking around and hates being held like a baby!

The puppies are in major mother mode already. Anytime he makes a peep they are right there next to him to make sure he is okay. They are more interested in him when we walk through the door than Wade and I or anyone else. They are constantly sneaking kisses whenever we let them!

Like I said raising a newborn has not been all sunshine and rainbows. He hasn’t been the best sleeper, but he is finally getting a little better now that he is taking to the SNOO bassinet a bit. It’s only the first week so I am trying not to get too hopeful. The beginning has definitely been very hard and we were lucky enough to have family who has been soo supportive through everything and I can’t thank them enough! We have had a few scares along the way as well. We already had his first cold that required a hospital visit. Luckily he is okay and they found nothing more than the average cold. It was definitely scary not knowing if he was okay. Then as he was getting over that, he developed a horrendous allergic reaction to a new diaper brand we used (only 2 diapers), requiring another doctors visit. Again, he is okay now, but this poor little man has been through so much in his short little life. Seeing him in pain and not being able to make it better is really hard.

He got to experience his first Christmas, which was really special and fun! Getting to meet his cousins, Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents has been so special. Seeing the way Kora, my niece interacts with him is so cute it makes my heart melt. Even Adalyn my 10 month old niece is super interested in him.

I’m looking forward to everything we will get to experience with him in the future. I’m excited to see Wade grow into this new role of Dad. He has already been so amazing! Completely stepping up and being there for both of us. He had to go back to work this week which really sucks and we miss him, but having him home the past month has been so nice!

Little man we love you so much! Don’t grow up too fast, but you can go ahead and start sleeping better. Your parents would appreciate it, okay love bug!

Also, by making his first blog post I have realized I need to bring my camera out more often! You’d think that would be self explanatory since I’m a photographer. I was 100% in zombie mode just trying to survive these first few weeks. Most of the photos are with my phone or someone else’s so sorry for the quality! 🙂


Little man at the hospital! I was able to get some photos with my big boy camera. Let’s see if you can guess which ones! I honestly forgot to bring it out until the last minute. I had all these plans and didn’t shoot any of it. Oh well he’s still cute! Last two are the first night at home! The dogs were super interested in a good way. Also, what baby comes out with scratches already on his face!


My amazing family unfortunately wasn’t able to visit us in the hospital due to COVID, but they all got to come a couple days later at home to meet him! Adalyn and Kora were so cute with him. Adalyn kept wanting to touch him lol.


Lots of sleeping and lots of just lounging around! Also, see below the many faces of Kingsley!


The first bath!


My brother-in-law still hadn’t met Kingsley so they came over to visit again! I love the pictures with the 3 cousins even if quality isn’t the best!


Insert kick to the face!


Kingsley and Dad quality time! Sports and video games!


Kingsley and Adalyn got to experience their first Christmas together! Kingsley 2 weeks old. Adalyn 9 months old. I love spending time with my family! At 2 weeks old we braved spending the night at my parents house. Honestly it was so nice feeling normal for a little bit and getting to spend quality time with other adults and our adorable nieces!


Grandpa Will and Uncle Will get to visit!


Nova in major mother mode!!!


Auntie Ashley comes to visit to be dog wrangler while while Kingsley models for his newborn shoot! His newborn photos deserve a separate blog post. So look out for that at some point!


More cuteness! Also, Kingsley had his first big boy bath and he is absolutely IN LOVE!!! He is so happy splashing around!


Finally the official 1 month pictures!! Auntie Ashley bought him this adorable Harry Potter set to keep track of his size and we love it! Of course I had to put him in a Harry Potter outfit as well! Super sad I never got a photo of him when he was first born to compare his size. He is FOUR pounds bigger and like 2 inches longer here! He is growing like a weed!


THE END. Come back next month (which is in like a week lol) for month 2!!!


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