12 Wedding Photo Poses (that also work for your engagement photos!)

Whether you are recently engaged (Congratulations!) or your wedding day is quickly approaching, I wanted to take a second to share a few of my favorite engagement photo poses (and wedding photo ideas!) with you on the blog today. In the interest of full transparency, these pose ideas are only half of the equation. While anyone can tell you to “look at each other”, one of the things I absolutely pride myself in is the ability to help couples get comfortable in front of the camera. After all, you likely don’t do this every day!

If any part of you is worried about feeling awkward in your wedding photos, just know that I completely understand. But I WILL make you feel comfortable – I promise! If you are thinking about your wedding photos (or looking to book engagement photos!), I would love to chat more. You can connect with me (hi – I’m Brittany!) directly here (or say hi on Instagram!).

Okay, now back to the engagement photo poses and wedding photo ideas you came for!

Have Your Partner Stand Behind You While You Look Back

This is one of my absolute favorite for couples during their wedding or engagement photos. It’s the perfect moment to forget the camera and just cuddle in. I always love to give my couples something to think about or say to each other to get them relaxed and looking (even more) madly in love for the perfect shot!
bride and groom cuddles

Engagement Photo Poses that Show Off That RING!

There are a few options for this one, but don’t miss the opportunity to show off that shiny new addition to your ring finger. I always like to take a few photos that show off the two of you (with the ring!) and a closer shot where your ring is the focus!

A tip for my wedding couples: have your engagement ring cleaned a week before the wedding for extra sparkle!

engagement poses showing off the ring engagement photos with closeup of engagement ring

An Epic Veil Shot

Do I really need to say more? I swear wedding veil photos are 90% of the reason to wear a veil. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but honestly, they are some of my absolute favorites to take! While I love to capture the “traditional” veil shots (blowing in the wind behind you, you both kissing under the veil, etc), I love getting creative with it too!

dramatic veil shot at wedding

Dancing in the Distance

I know I keep saying this but… this is another one of my favorites! When I think of my style as a wedding photographer, I like to blend in a fine art aesthetic with a light and airy joyful feel. In every gallery I deliver, there is a healthy mix of candid wedding photos and formal wedding poses. But my personal favorite? Posed photos like this and look candid because of the motion! Don’t worry – I will guide you through this for your engagement photo poses (and of course – your wedding photos!).

couple dances in the background of wedding photos

Standing Close & Staring Into Each Others Eyes

This is another one of the engagement photo poses that can look incredibly awkward with an inexperienced photographer. My biggest piece of advice to you is to find a wedding photographer you love AND THAT MAKES YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE. It truly makes such a difference in your wedding photos.

couple stares into each other for wedding photos engagement photos where they look at each other

Walking toward the camera

A little wedding photography tip? Any pose that involves movement will automatically make you feel more comfortable in front of the camera. When you are looking at engagement photo poses, this is one of my go to’s. Spoiler alert: it will be hard for him to take his eyes off you.

POV: You walking into married life.

engagement photo poses ideas - walking toward camera engagement photo poses ideas - walking toward camera

That Classic Wedding Dress Shot

Not all dresses will allow this whimsical pose but the photos always turn out so lovely (even if they do take a couple of takes!). Plus, what better way to capture the details in your wedding dress? Although I do consider myself a light and airy wedding photographer, I always never edit your photos to the point where I wash out all of the details.

dramatic wedding dress photo

They lean in while you look at the camera!

I just love the way your partner will get lost in you. The best wedding photos are captured when you forget that you are in front of the camera. Don’t worry – I will prompt you/them with where to look (and what to whisper to each other). Let’s capture how much your partner loves you and how STUNNING you look on your wedding day.

bride stares at camera while groom looks away

When they kiss the top of your head…

This is another pose idea that you can get absolutely lost in. For this one, you can look straight at the camera, down, or even with your eyes closed. See? I can be flexible! I also love the variation of this pose where they kiss you on the forehead. Can we just freeze this moment in time, please? Thanks!

groom kisses brides head

The dip…

Despite what you may have heard, engagement photo poses are supposed to be fun! If your partner is reluctant (and trust me – I have heard it all!), you can reassure him that I will MAKE you have fun. Seriously. The dip is just the beginning (I have a ton of engagement photo poses up my sleeve for every occasion!). I always believe that when you look at your photos (whether that be engagement photos or wedding photos!), you will remember exactly how you felt in them. If you felt awkward (or worse – bored!), it’ll take away from the photos. I would never let that happen to you 😉.

engagement photo poses - the dip

Walking away from the camera!

Whether you look back or look forward, there is no better way to capture the back details of your wedding dress than when you walk away from the camera. It’s also a great wedding and engagement photo pose idea to help you forget about the camera (and focus on each other!). Even if it’s only for a short moment, it’s one of the poses I love to include.

walking away from the camera and look back

Lastly – kiss your dog!

Your furry friends are ALWAYS welcome around me. Whether it’s to be part of your engagement photo poses or not, I am always happy to meet your fur family. I’m definitely going to encourage you both to kiss their sweet little cheeks, but options are endless to include your furbabies!

couple kisses dog in wedding photos couple kisses dog in engagement photos

Excited to get in front of the camera and try out some of these engagement photo poses?

Literally, nothing would make me happier than booking you and the love of your life in for a session! If you got to the end of this and are *hoping* I’m the right fit but need a little extra reassurance, head here to learn more about the Brittany Allen experience. The short version is this: yes, I love Taylor Swift, Harry Potter, and Friends reruns. But I’m also INCREDIBLY passionate about preserving your memories, making you feel comfortable in front of the camera, and reminding you to treasure this extremely short chapter of your love story. Seriously. Your engagement will FLY by. Make it count!

In the meantime, you can find more engagement photo poses and Detroit wedding inspiration over on Instagram.


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