Earhart Manor Engagement Session

Zack and Courtney’s Earhart Manor engagement session was super fun! The Manor sits on the grounds of Concordia University. It is a small lutheran University so it would be super easy to meet someone. Luckily for Courtney and Zack that is exactly what happened! Courtney was actually friends with Zack’s sister. Zack made the first move and they pretty much hit it off right away. So what better place to have their engagement session than the place where they met and fell in love!

I had never been to Concordia University before and I am so glad I have. It is one of the cutest little colleges I have ever seen. We spent most of the session at Earhart Manor which is an insanely gorgeous building. My favorite part of the session though was traveling into the center of the University to really get a feel of where Courtney and Zack’s love grew. Seeing the chapel that they spent many hours at, seeing the buildings they learned and studied in together. It was such a treat seeing them come out of their shells the more comfortable they got in such a familiar environment.

Courtney and Zack thank you so much for letting me into that part of your life. It was such a treat seeing you in your element in a place that is so special to both of you. I had soo much fun and you guys were amazing!!



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