Dreamy Matthaei Botanical Gardens Engagement Session

I am so excited to bring you this dreamy Matthaei Botanical Gardens engagement session. If you have ever been to this venue it is like stepping into another world. The gardens are so incredibly magical. Iris and John both went to school at The University of Michigan so it was super special to them to have their engagement session at a place so important to the both of them!

They met 11 years ago at school so getting engaged has been a long time coming. I actually think waiting as long as they did cemented their relationship. Eleven years is a long time, but it allows you to really get to know the other person. The things that make them laugh, cry, and smile. It gives you the time to have a few fights and be able to work through them to come out stronger for it. It gives you the time to really get to know the little things that make their heart skip a beat! It gives you the time to really, truly and completely fall for the other person.

Iris and John were a little nervous and quiet at our session, but the longer I was with them I started to see their personalities shine through. The way John snuck loving glances at Iris and the small smiles Iris gave in return. There is so much quiet love between these two! It just added to the dreamy atmosphere at this Matthaei Botanical Gardens engagement session.


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