Baby Kora’s First Birthday Party!

Baby Kora had her first birthday party! She finally turned one! For those of you who don’t know, Kora is my crazy adorable niece. As if it’s hard to miss, I post about her all the time on my Instagram. I can’t believe how big she is! It seriously seems like yesterday that my sister told my family she was pregnant.

Side note: My whole family was at a BBQ at her house. When it can time for dessert my sister and brother in law handed each of us a plate of cake. My mom insisted she didn’t want any, I think she was on some low carb thing at the time. She kept refusing and my brother in law said “Courtney said I HAVE to give this to you, please just take it!” Anyway, we all start eating, after a few minutes or so my husband, Wade confusedly says “uncle”? I move my cake and my plate says Aunt!!! I let out the biggest scream and kept saying OMG you’re pregnant over and over! Meanwhile my mom looks extremely confused and barely registers what’s happening, as a newly crowned grandparent would. Anyway, long story long 🙂

So, I have seen the little nugget grow from this tiny little thing to this extremely independent curious little person. She can entertain herself all day. Just give her a couple toys and she’s happy for hours. Her smile is so infectious it lights up the room. I can’t wait to see her grown and learn about the world. She already has so much personality in her tiny little body. I can’t imagine what she’ll be like when she’s older.

She finally learned to walk, loves to say “uh oh”, is sprouting a couple teeth, and loves to dance with her mommy.

I love baking and decorating, so when my sister asked for my help with both I jumped at the chance to help put together Baby Kora’s First Birthday Party. It also meant I got to see the baby 🙂 Anyway, I had so much fun making the cake pops (which I had way to many of) with my sis and decorating the house for the party! Word of advice to those who want to use the tissue paper hanging flowers, DON’T! I think it took us like 3 hours to pull those individual layers apart. Or amass an army of helpers!

The day was great! Kora opened every single one of her presents herself. She got way too many toys, but now she has so many to choose from! I’m sure her parents appreciate that!

Wade and I got her the red and yellow Cozy Coupe. I had no idea what to get her, then I remembered the little car/van and how much my sisters and I loved playing in that thing as kids! I thought it was the perfect present.

Kora is seriously the perfect baby. I keep telling Courtney that she is doomed. Kora is too good so the next one has to be a terror. It’s the way the universe works!

So, here’s my Pinterest Inspiration for Baby Kora’s First Birthday Party: First Birthday Party Inspiration




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